The Difference Between a Burglary and a Home Invasion

What is the Difference Between a Burglary and a Home Invasion?

 Everybody hopes never to face a distressing situation like a break-in. Unfortunately, approximately 20% of all Australian homes have been robbed. That’s not exactly the far-fetched odds you’d hope to hear; however, knowing what’s out there is the best way to secure your home effectively. According to a 2020 Victorian report, 54,200 houses experienced a break-in that year, with an additional 39,200 households reporting an intended attack. The severity of the type of break-in can vary from a minor burglary to aggravated home invasion, and it is essential to understand what you are protecting yourself from when considering security features in your home. Burglaries and home invasions are both distressing situations but can differ in the crime’s location, intent, and severity.

According to Australian legislation, burglaries and home invasions have slightly different definitions, although both involve unlawful entry with intent to steal. The two crimes have devastating monetary and emotional effects on the victims. Protecting your family and home is the most critical decision you will probably make and weighing up safety features should be at the forefront of all homeowners’ minds. Windows and doors are consistently the most common ways burglars enter the house, so installing high-quality security doors and windows is the best security decision you will make. In 2021, 47% of Victorians reported using security doors as part of their defenses against home invaders. Jim’s Security Door Melbourne best range of doors, all of which have exceeded the Australian Standard Regulations. You’ll have absolute assurance knowing that one of Jim’s Security Doors will hold up against any potential perpetrator. For more information you can also contact our friendly staff for security doors as well as for Property Conveyancing Brisbane to consult with the best lawyers and solicitors.


In Victoria, burglary falls under section 76 of the Crimes Act 1958. Burglaries are defined as breaking and entering into a number of different locations, including cars, offices, residential homes, retail spaces, and more. Another scary fact to chew on – one-fifth of all reported crimes in Australia is burglary. An offender has committed a burglary as soon as he has unlawfully entered a property with the intent to steal something. Aggravated burglary is the same crime, with the addition of the burglar carrying a weapon. In Aussie slang, the term burglary is often used interchangeably with ‘robbery’.

Home Invasions

If you’re confused about the difference between home invasions and burglaries, there is a significant amount of overlap between the two crimes. The easiest way to think of it is that all home invasions would also count as burglary, but not all burglaries are home invasions. Home invasions are breaking and entering a personal residence with the intent to take belongings. Aggravated home invasions are the offender entering a house they know is occupied, carrying a weapon, or committing an act of violence.

Securing your home

You can do several things to help keep yourself, your family, and your home safe from burglaries and home invasions. These can include:

  • Sensor lights on front and back entrances. For minor criminals looking for an easy break-in, something as simple as this could be enough to spook them away.
  • Guard dogs. Having a dog can be a great security feature as it can also help protect you outside of the house, or protect your home when you’re not there. Indications that a dog lives in your, such as signs on the fence or dog doors, will make break-in and enterers think twice.
  • Security doors. The majority of burglars/home invaders enter through the door. Jim’s Security Doors products all exceed Australian standards regulations, which require the doors to be rigorously tested against simulated forced entry.
  • Security alarms. A piercing security alarm would pretty quickly scare away any home intruder.
  • Neighborhood watch. An active neighborhood watch will help lower robbery rates in your community, which has the carry-over effect of your suburb becoming safer.
  • Tall and secure fences. Having a formidable entry/exit method will deter potential intruders from attempting to rob your home.
  • Visible cameras will deter potential burglars as they know you will submit footage to the police to help track down the perpetrators.
  • screens on windows. Jim’s Security Doors’ offer a range of security solutions for your windows, helping to barricade the other common entry point robbers use.

What should I do if I experience a home invasion or burglary?

In both cases, the advice is relatively the same. If you ever need to contact the police when someone is currently in your house carrying out the crime, you must call 000 immediately. If you are reporting the crime after it has occurred, your first action should be to contact the police – you can visit or ring your local station. You can also report missing items up to $5000 on the Victoria police website. The police do not offer monetary compensation for stolen items; however, if you have insurance on your home and contents, you should be able to claim that.

Are Jim’s Security Doors Custom Made-In Melbourne Victoria 2021

Are Jim’s Security Doors Custom Made?

 There’s no place like home! Your home should be a sanctuary, a place where you can feel absolutely safe. Don’t let a lack of home security features mean that your household is vulnerable to thieves and prowlers. Security doors are a simple and effective way to ensure your home is secure from burglars. Customizations are important when it comes to security doors, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also to ensure that your door is designed to fit perfectly within the door frame and meets your security and design expectations.

 Is your home an easy target for thieves? If you don’t have a security door the answer is probably yes… Having a security door will help to ensure your home isn’t vulnerable to burglaries, but it’s important to choose a quality product that has been customized to correctly fit your home and also to engage an experienced professional to install it. Don’t buy off the rack or attempt to DIY install a security door. The devil is in the detail, so to be confident that you are purchasing a premium product it’s important to have:

  • Quality materials;
  • A customized design;
  • An Australian Standards approved product; and
  • Professional installation.

Jim’s Security Doors offers a free measure-and-quote service that can assist clients in deciding which security door is right for their home and needs as well as ensuring a professional customized fit. Customized security doors provide a higher level of protection as well as improved functionality and premium quality. The craftsmanship involved in the manufacture and installation of your door will be far superior to a prefabricated off-the-rack door.

Quality materials

Do not consider installing a fly screen door as an alternative to a security door as it will be woefully inadequate in the event of a break-in. For the screen component of your door, it should be made from steel or aluminum, fly screen is typically made from polyester or fiberglass and is simply not strong enough to withstand a break-in attempt. Security doors will typically be more expensive than fly screen doors, but the cost represents stronger, more resilient materials and will lead to a longer-lasting product with greater durability and this can end up saving you money in the long term.

The best materials used in the manufacture of security doors are aluminum and steel. Both are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Cast aluminum is strong and light and perfect for manufacturing grilles for security doors, including ornate heritage grilles designed to suit older-style homes.

Australian Standards approved

Australian Standards approval means that a security door has met or exceeded rigorous testing to ensure structural integrity and strength against a simulated forced entry attempt. When exploring security door options, it’s important that the door you purchase is compliant with the strict Australian Standards guidelines.

Elegant appearance to suit your home

Gone are the days when security doors looked aggressive and fortress-like. There is now a huge range of different choices to suit every home design, security need, and aesthetic preference. For a minimalist streamlined look, PerfGuard and ScreenGuard ranges are tough to beat and for an inexpensive option, the classic Diamond Grille design is fantastic. For older-style homes, Jim’s Security Doors offers an extensive range of ornate cast aluminum grille doors which will perfectly tie in with the façade of a heritage home. Security doors are available in a wide range of colors to suit your property’s design and can also be customized with one-way or privacy mesh to enhance the level of your home security.

Professional installation

Professional installation is crucial when it comes to security doors because an incorrectly installed door won’t necessarily function as intended and be able to protect you and your home. If your door is installed by qualified professionals, they will measure your doorway and your custom-made security door will be guaranteed to fit securely and last well. A reputable security door company such as Jim’s Security Doors will also be able to assist you with deciding which door is best for your home and guide you through the installation process.

The risks of DIY installation

Although it might seem like an easy opportunity to save some money and DIY, installing a security door properly is quite a complicated job and, if it’s done incorrectly your door will not be able to function correctly to protect you and your household. A DIY failure can also end up being costly if you need to replace the door, or get it reinstalled and some door manufacturers require professional installation for a valid warranty.

Why Jim’s Security Doors has Australia’s best range of security doors

There is nothing more important than protecting your property and treasured possessions from intruders. Jim’s Security Doors has Australia’s best range of security doors and experts on hand to help you with your decision.

For more information about Jim’s Security Doors. Or for expert advice on the right security door for your property, please contact our experienced sales team on 13 15 46.

Reading Glasses—Read in Style

Reading Glasses—Read in Style


A common misconception associated with wearing glasses is that it will make you look aged and your natural beauty is bound to get hampered for wearing glasses. But, these are nothing but misconceptions. Today’s age is that of style and experimentation; Spectacles are also no exception to this.

The eyes gradually begin to lose their focusing capacity and therefore, it becomes difficult to focus between near and far range visions easily. This symptom is medically termed presbyopia. If you find difficulty in reading books and newspapers and need to adjust the distance continuously, then you need to seek medical advice. This generally happens once you reach forty.

There is nothing to worry about. This is one of the commonest ailments and can be easily rectified with reading glasses. A basic eye examination is enough to assess the actual real-time condition of the eyes and how much rectification is required to restore normal vision.

Specs have become the new style statement of the age. There are a host of varieties of spectacles available starting from progressive lenses, the traditional bifocals to the single reading glasses.



Symptoms of presbyopia

Some of the common symptoms to assess presbyopia are as follows:

  • Experiencing a tendency to hold the reading materials farther away for clearer vision
  • Experiencing blurred sight at normal reading distances
  • Facing issues of headaches and strained eyes after doing any sort of close-up work like reading, sewing, knitting, etc.

When to need an ophthalmologist

If blurred near vision is proving to be detrimental for your reading activities or any close-up activities whatsoever without affecting any other normal daily routine after you are forty, then you may be experiencing symptoms of presbyopia. In case, you experience any of the below-mentioned symptoms, then you must seek immediate medical attention:

  • Having a sudden loss of vision of a single eye with or without experiencing any sort of eye pain
  • Experiencing a sudden blurred or hazy vision
  • Witnessing flashes of light, halo encirclement around the lights, or black spots
  • Experiencing double vision

Some of the best reading glasses at Vision Direct:

Reading glasses are available in a variety of styles—fully magnified, bifocals, rimless, semi-rimless, blue-light blocking glasses, progressive glasses. Here we are presenting some of the best reading glasses for your benefit:

SmartBuy Readers R69: This rimless sleek and elegantly styled frame adds a new edge to your personality. It is a unisex-designed frame made of plastic. The lens material is customizable. There is no shadow of doubt regarding the quality and craftsmanship of the product. There is a 24-month warranty on the lenses and assures a 100% accuracy guarantee.

SmartBuy Readers OR57: This semi-rimless frame deserves a special mention. It is uniquely stylish with an elegant appeal. The frame material is plastic thus making it lightweight and durable at the same time. The lens material is customizable. It possesses a 24-month warranty on the lens with a 100% accuracy guarantee.

SmartBuy Readers OR39: This is yet another gem of the collection. It is sleekly designed with a stylized elegant appeal. The milky blue colour of this unisex metal frame deserves a special mention. The frame is lightweight but ensures durability and possesses 100% accuracy with a 24-month warranty on the lens.

SmartBuy Readers MO 387: The geeky maroon plastic frame possesses a unique appeal. The material of this prescription lens is plastic and this is a unisex design. The lens material is customizable with a 2-year warranty. There is a 100% accuracy guarantee.

SmartBuy Readers OR97: The ageless classical appeal of this golden frame is surely an asset of the collection. This full-rimmed golden metal frame is rectangular while the lens material is customizable.